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“CorpKit for Me” is a digital electronic Corporation kit for the documentation to be downloaded for your Corporation.

“Our CorpKit for Me” is the simplified documentation needed to start operating your Corporation. By downloading the documents for your Corporation into your computer, and completing the documents on your computer, the information will be kept private and available only to those whom you choose.

All the forms downloaded to be completed are interactive PDFs. The information entered by you and the forms you have completed will only be on your computer and will not be available on the internet, which will keep your information private. All forms in the “CorpKit for Me” can only be completed on your computer, not on our website. Except for the corporation’s name on the forms, everything else entered can be changed and saved at any time. You can print 10 certificates at one time, but additional certificates can be issued as needed in the future.

The following forms are included:

Corporation Minutes

First Meeting of the Incorporators

First Meeting of the Directors

First Meeting of the Incorporator and Sole Director

Consent to Action

Special Meeting for 1244 IRC Stock Election

Special Meeting for Sub Chapter S Election

Corporation By-Laws

Stock Certificates/ Stock Transfer Ledger

In addition there are Four files: “Read Me First” a file with a link to register the “Corporation” with the “Financial Crimes Enforcement Network”, “IRS SS4 Form & Link Web” a file with the link to the Internal Revenue Service “IRS” where you will be able to file online or download the form “SS4” to obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number “FEIN”, and “IRS 2553 Sub Chapter S Form Link” a file with a link to the IRS form to register as a Sub Chapter S Corporation if that option is chosen and “Corp Kit for Me Instructions” an instruction file.

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